THIS SHOP INCLUDES A LIMITED COMMERCIAL LICENSE - UP TO 250 USES for all designs. If you will be selling 251+ items, please purchase the extended license here.

One Extended Commercial License for ONE design bundle or design. This includes all designs in one bundle. If you do not purchase a bundle and would like a license for a single design, you will need to buy this license for each individual design purchased.

The EXTENDED LICENSE allows the following:

To be used to create End Products for Sale where lifetime sales of that Product do not exceed 2000 units. If you are planning on more than 2000 units, then you must purchase an additional license, either Standard or Extended. In bundles this is the TOTAL number of sales from ALL designs in bundle COMBINED. NOT each.

Allowed uses:
- Use our designs commercially up to 2000 times.
- Use our designs to create invitations, greeting cards, business cards, tangible art prints, marketing materials, logos, banners, stickers, calendars, mugs, etc.
- Use our designs to create website, blog templates, ads, videos, etc.
- Use our designs to create fabric, clothing, phone cases, etc.
- All tangible items but not more than 2000 items in total.

The following is NOT ALLOWED with either license:

- ANY digital sales. Only TANGIBLE items allowed. You may not sell these designs digitally through ANY online platform.
- Claim any of our designs as your own in any way.
- Resell, redistribute or give away our designs as freebies, giveaways or downloads as-is in their original or modified digital format.
- To use the file create an .otf, .ttf or ANY OTHER file type.
- Use our designs to create clipart, digital paper, stand alone graphics, stock art, vectors, illustrations, etc.

This listing will include the instant download of a document with these conditions.

If you are buying multiple licenses, you may update your cart with the appropriate number. You must purchase the bundle(s) used with the license(s) separately. You will need a 1 license for each bundle.

Please message us with any questions.

Thank you!